Take me down

The song "Take me down" is finally here ! Listen to it now:


My thoughts about it, first the meaning, I think Light me up was about life in general, feelings, people, the world, Going to Hell was about how fucked up this life is, how hard feelings are and how we were all going to die.
Now Take me down show us that we are ready to go to hell, to sell our soul to the devil. We want him to take us down. Hell and the Devil being metaphors about Hate, life, how it gets darker, worse, and the personal hell inside your head that you create for yourself, being for Taylor music, as she said plenty of times and in the song, she sold her soul to rock'n'roll and dedicate her life to it. We'll have to see where the other songs takes us.

Musically, it's brilliant, the riff is incredible and the added materials sounds amazing. We want to sing along, it's heavy, it's good, we definitly want to go to hell with the Pretty Reckless.

12 July Q&A + NEW SONG !

Taylor did a Q&A on July 12th and announce something important right after ! first here's the Q&A:

Here's for the Q&A, now for the announcement...
A NEW SONG TODAY (July 14th) ! Take me down will be played on radios all day ! + a new Q&A today


Who you selling for, all the infos needed about the new album

 Official arts of the album:


 1.The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman inspired by a poem by Chidiock Tichborne written on the eve of his execution, tells a story of having control over your own mind and soul no matter what is happening to you.
2. Oh My God is the most aggresive song in the album which Momsen describes as “self-confession right out of a journal. I think it speaks for itself.” (read my review of the song by clicking the title)
3.Take me down: is a story of desperation, with Momsen delivering such lyrics as “I spend all night and day / How much harder can I play? / You know I gave my life to rock and roll?” “It’s about wanting something so much you’d sell your soul for it,” (read my review of the song by clicking the title)
4. Prisoner is one of the heaviest song
5. Wild City is influenced by being young and on your own in New York (“We wrote it while walking down Rivington Street on the Lower East Side,” Momsen says). 
 6.Back To The River is about the desire to get away from everything, to go where no one can reach you,
7.Who You Selling For testifies to music being a form of salvation and describes how the rest of the album reaches into all forms of rock and roll looking for:
8. Bedroom Window Is an accoustic ballad
9. Living In The Storm is also hard rock
10. Already Dead
11. The Devil’s Back is on of the longest and most diverse track, lasting more than 7 minutes and including a guitar solo from Ben Phillips and unusual vocals from Taylor Momsen
12. Mad Love is inspired by David Bowie

About the album:

  • The album came out october 21st
  • The pre-order was available on September 09th
  • The album is called "Who you selling for"
  • No songs sound alike
  • There is 12 songs in the album
  • The album is completely done
  • Taylor wants to do videos for as many songs as possible and will co-direct all of them
  • The album is available in bundles like Going to hell
  • There is additional features by guitarist Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers), guitarist Tommy Byrnes (Billy Joel), and keyboardist Andy Burton (Ian Hunter), as well as backing vocalists Janice Pendarvis (David Bowie), Jenny Douglas-Foote (P!nk), and Sophia Ramos (Rod Stewart)
  • Taylor plays some guitar
  • Ben does not sing in the album

  •  The recording started on november 2nd 2015 
  • All the songs are written by Taylor Momsen with the help of Ben Philips and they are edited and mixed in the studio by kato khandwala, just like the other 2 records It will be produced by Razor&Tie like Going to Hell 
  • Jamie Perkins and Mark Damon arrived at the studio on november 10th to start recording full songs Jamie recorded a few parts with a broken arm 
  • The bass and drums are recorded at the same time, before the voice and guitar 
  • The recording stopped for the end of the tour and started back again on January 25th Right after they started the digital editing 
  • The recording began at the Water Music studio but moved to the Sphere studio in LA for the final editing on April 2016 

About the first song, Take me down:

- You can listen to the song and read my review of it HERE
- The song talks about “the crossroads”, the place in the Mississippi Delta often believed to have been the meeting place where musicians sold their soul to the devil in return for fame, fortune and greatness. (source - Loudwire)
- Taylor said she takes her inspiration for the song to Robert Johnson's song "crossroads" and to her own life
- The video is in the work and will also be inspired by Robert Johnson
- The song is available for purchase everywhere since July 15th
- The laughs at the end are Janice Pendarvis'

Pictures from the recording:


Q&A of Taylor, July 06th 2016

Taylor did a Q&A about the album and some other stuff, here are all the answers she gave:

A very long Q&A that gave us hope for new songs very soon !